A lot of people I meet who go to journalism schools complain that there are no jobs. I think to myself, You have to think of journalism as an art form. You have to think as a journalist, that if you want to do a kind of writing that you might think is on my level, you have to think of yourself as an artist. I thought of myself as a short story writer; the short story writers I admired were artists: John Cheever, John O’Hara, and I mentioned others, Fitzgerald. But when you get to know success stories in the world of theatre, of movies, of dance, of dance, of all the art forms, those people, some of them went to college. They wanted to be an actor. And what do they do? They audition, and they work in restaurants, and they drive taxicabs, and they do a lot of grubby things to pay the rent. And when they can squeeze some time in getting an audition, or maybe practicing…but they just don’t get out of college, Yale drama school and find a job with a serious drama company or a place in the play. The journalist has to do the same thing. The journalists wants to do that kind of writing…journalism as an art form, instead of doing crap for newspapers they better work in a restaurant, and find time when they are not working in a restaurant to do the kind of research to fulfill your ambition as a curious person, because you want to write about a certain place or certain thing or certain subject. Maybe you have to do it on your own. If you’re going to keep working on a newspaper, you’re not going to do it, because they are going to tell you what to do and how often you can do, and how little time you have for it. So just think of yourself as an artist.